Dear Church, as we enter this September, we continue our tradition of focusing our services on the certainty of salvation. God is very good to us; He authored salvation and is the one to complete our salvation. We must affirm our eternal security in Him.

It is also a time to make some changes to our services. Over time, we have occasionally changed our bulletin, and we do so again today. Paper bulletins are available, and we will continue to email our bulletin out, but we would like to highlight how you can access the bulletin on your smartphone or tablet. We are changing our communication software to improve communication and how you access the bulletin.

Our worship service is also changing. All the elements you are familiar with are still there. Our services are still blended, and our goal is to continue to be inclusive regarding age, gender, and ethnicity. Perhaps the most significant change is how we plan, prepare, and present our worship service. We are in the process of creating three teams, where each team will plan a month at a time. Our goal is to be relevant and engaging so that the service is not just speaking from the platform but inviting the congregation to participate with us in worship.

Perhaps a noticeable change is that the main sermon is short and is presented early in the service. You will also see that we have more scripture in the service and a second short presentation towards the end of the service. Our goal is to bring in a variety of ways to engage the congregation, and at times we will also have questions and answers during the service.

One crucial factor of our service is to receive feedback from you. We plan to offer an opportunity for you to share with us what you like the most. We will conduct a simple survey that can be answered using your phone. Keep an eye out for this and share with us what impacts you the most.

Pr. Throstur Thordarson