Learnin' to Follow Jesus at Cactusville VBX

During the week of July 17-21, South Bend First was transformed into an old western village. Groups of buckaroos and lil’ cowpokes wearing bandanas, cowboy hats, and plaid shirts went from room to room, listening to Bible stories, eating snacks, building crafts, learning how to pray, playing games, and cooling off with sno-cones in the muggy evening air. The activities were punctuated by an occasional “Yeehaw! Yeehaw! Time to rotate!” coming from the church lobby. 

Each night began and ended with the Round Up program in the church sanctuary. During Round Up, buckaroos and lil’ cowpokes received instructions from Sheriff Dusty and watched the antics of his two associates, Crusty and Digger, who were looking for gold nuggets. The program also included videos of two brothers, JimBob and JoeBob, who were trying to find out what it means to follow Jesus. The leader of our musical group "The Red Band’danas" also taught us several songs throughout the week. 

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Sheriff Dusty enrolled all of the kiddos in a deputy sheriff training program that included reciting a silly pledge each night, with special attention to things such as not eating anything you find on the ground behind a horse and not using someone else’s toothbrush. Part of the training included learning about the nuggets of truth from the Bible that Crusty and Digger found each day. By the end of the week we had discovered an entire Bible verse, which taught us that we are called with a holy calling (see 2 Timothy 1:9). On the final night of VBX, each child was awarded with their very own deputy sheriff’s badge.

Throughout the week a total of 65 kids had attended Cactusville VBX at South Bend First, including several visitors. Two children made decisions for baptism. Yeehaw! All in all, it was a mighty good time. The church staff wants to thank all the volunteers who gave of their time to help make this program a success. 

Stay tuned for details about next year’s VBX program!