Family, Finance, and Fitness

We have a tradition of holding seminars on various needs that help people, both church members and community. This past Monday our planning committee met and I am excited about the direction we are going. Not just looking at this year, but planning into the future with Health Expo and various seminars in the pipe line.

This fall we are planning two seminars, and possibly a third. A parenting seminar, and finance seminar are  in preparation and I have heard that we might even plan a marriage seminar.

Parenting Seminar in October: The first three Sabbaths in October will host a seminar for parents on parenting skills. While we have not worked out all the details, we are planning to have child care, and offer a meal at the start of the seminar at 6:00 pm. The class itself would begin at 6:30 and run for an hour. No registration fee so this is a great seminar for parents to put on their schedule. We will actually have a fourth Sabbath as a continuation of the parenting class where we will talk about two things: 1) wills and trust as important tools to protect your children, and 2) retirement planning.

We need volunteers to help us with 1) child care during the four Sabbaths in October, and 2) helpers with the meal at 6:00 pm. This would consist of soup and bread and fruit. If this is a ministry you would like to help with, please contact pastor Throstur or the church office.

The Finance Seminar will be held on a week night and will focus on mentoring and helping individuals to get a handle on their finances, create a practical budget, and find ways to live within their income.

Keep your eyes open for registration information for these two seminars. There is no cost to either one so all can attend.